LOTRO Quests

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Addie's Missing SonsGeneralBree-landBeggar's Alley16
Adelard's ChapterGeneralShire, TheGreat Smials, The7
Adso's DeliveryGeneral10
Agamaur, ToGeneralLone LandsOst Guruth27
Aid of Halros, TheEpic - Prologue HobbitShire, TheBrockenborings Watch Office10
Ailing HoundGeneralBree-landStaddle9
All's WellGeneralNorth DownsGreenway23
All's Well that Ends WellGeneralBree-landSilverwell9
Ancient StatuaryGeneralEvendimOst Forod36
Ancient Story of Evil, AnGeneralBree-landPrancing Pony23
Angmar's DeadGeneralLone LandsAgamaur30
Arthedain's Lost BrethrenGeneralLone LandsAgamaur32
Assault on Rath TeraigEpic - Prologue ElvenEred LuinThrasi's Lodge13
Assisting MinchamGeneralNorth DownsAmon Raith22
At the Behest of CardavorEpic - Prologue ElvenEred LuinFalathlorn5
At the Behest of UnnarrEpic - Prologue DwarvenThorin's GateThorin's Gate6
Aurochs MantlesGeneralNorth DownsEsteldin34
Avorthal's Favourite HauntsEpic - Prologue ElvenEred LuinCelondim6
Ballard Wilmer and the White WargGeneralEvendimOst Forod36
Bandages for CallumGeneralShire, TheBudgeford10
Barton Tyne Has Lost His RingCrafting: GeneralBree-landMidgewater Marshes6
Bear PeltsGeneralBree-landAdso's Camp11
Bear-HunterGeneralNorth DownsOthrikar28
Bears on the GreenfieldsGeneralShire, TheGreenfields10
Beasts Among the RuinsGeneralTrollshawsNan Tornaeth38
Belco's WritGeneralShire, TheTookland9
Beneath the GreenfieldsEpic - Prologue HobbitShire, TheGreenfields12
Beneath the Hanging TreeGeneralBree-landCombe5
Better BlanketsGeneralLone LandsForsaken Inn18
Beyond the BulwarksGeneralArchet (prequel)Archet5
Beyond the Cave-InEpic - Prologue DwarvenThorin's GateThorin's Hall6
Beyond the Gloaming Falls GeneralEvendimSouthern Emyn Uial38
Beyond the Ram DuathGeneralNorth DownsEsteldin42
Big Black Bear, TheGeneralShire, TheOverhill9
Big ProblemsGeneralBree-landSvalfang's Hut17
Bird and Baby, TheGeneralShire, TheBird and Baby Inn6
Bird in the Hand, AGeneralNorth DownsOthrikar28
Birds of a FeatherGeneralNorth DownsOthrikar29
Black Tide of Angmar, theGeneralNorth DownsEsteldin32
Black-Fire, TheGeneralNorth DownsGreenway25
Blackwold ThievesGeneralBree-landCombe9
Blackwold ValuablesGeneralBree-landCombe8
Blade for a Life, AGeneralBree-landBree-town14
Blankets from the Baying WolvesGeneralLone LandsForsaken Inn15
Blunting the SpearGeneralNorth DownsEsteldin28
Boar HeadsGeneralBree-landAdso's Camp11
Bolster the DefencesGeneralNorth DownsTrestlebridge21
Bone ManGeneralBree-landBree-town18
Book 2, Chapter 1: New ResidentsGeneralMoriaDurin's Way52
Book IV. Chapter 01: Where is the Horse and the Rider?Epic - Book IVRivendellLast Homely House, The37
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