LOTRO Quests by Fellowship
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Addie's Missing SonsBree-landBeggar's Alley1610
Ancient Story of Evil, AnBree-landPrancing Pony2310
Angmar's DeadLone LandsAgamaur3010
Arthedain's Lost BrethrenLone LandsAgamaur3210
Assault on Rath TeraigEred LuinThrasi's Lodge1310
Aurochs MantlesNorth DownsEsteldin3410
Beneath the GreenfieldsShire, TheGreenfields1210
Birds of a FeatherNorth DownsOthrikar2910
Black-Fire, TheNorth DownsGreenway2510
Blackwold ThievesBree-landCombe910
Blade for a Life, ABree-landBree-town1410
Blunting the SpearNorth DownsEsteldin2810
Bone ManBree-landBree-town1810
Broken AllianceBree-landSaeradan's Cabin1610
By Axe and FireBree-landGoldberry's Spring2001
Calenthon and Malloval TrollshawsNan Tornaeth3810
Captains of the Black Tide North DownsEsteldin3310
Chapter 01: Unravelling the ThreadBree-landPrancing Pony1210
Chapter 02: The Missing RiderTrollshawsThorenhad3810
Chapter 03: Blackwolds BrokenBree-landComb and Wattle Inn, The1210
Chapter 04: Freeing DoriNorth DownsOthrikar3010
Chapter 05: Tending the Glade North DownsTham Giliath2910
Chapter 06: The Defence of Trestlebridge North DownsHalbarad's Study2910
Chapter 08: The Red-PassLone LandsOst Guruth2910
Chapter 10: Into the Barrow-downsBree-landTom Bombadil's House1610
Chapter 11: Othrongroth Bree-landTom Bombadil's House1810
Collecting HistoryBree-landScholar's Stair Archives2310
Cutting off the HandLone LandsAgamaur3110
Daring Rescue, ALone LandsMinas Eriol1810
Dead WaterLone LandsAgamaur2910
Deal Gone Sour, ALone LandsWeatherfoot1710
Disarming the ValleyNorth DownsLin Giliath3210
Drawing the PackLone LandsForsaken Inn2510
Dwarf's Duty, ALone LandsOst Guruth2110
Elders in the ShadowsLone LandsOst Guruth2410
Eliminating the BeastsNorth DownsFree People's Camp3210
Ending the ElderNorth DownsFree People's Camp3510
Enemies of the EglainLone LandsOst Guruth2210
Evil's Final ChapterBree-landPrancing Pony2510
Falco's GardenBree-landStaddle910
Fallen OakLone LandsBarad Dhorn3110
Fate of Prunella Boffin, TheShire, TheScary1210
Fell SpiritsLone LandsOst Haer3110
Find MalinBree-landBeggar's Alley1610
Fixing Falco's FollyBree-landStaddle1110
Food and ShelterNorth DownsEsteldin3010
Formal Complaint, AEvendimBullroarer's Sward3210
Giant ProblemsBree-landPrancing Pony3410
Gift for the North, AShire, TheRushock Bog810
Goblin Leader, TheLone LandsForsaken Inn2210
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