The Stolen Tome

The Stolen Tome is the second quest Captain Ingrid gives you, after you have finished Improving Relations with the Locals. You'll find Captain Ingrid out and about on the Village of Shin docks (-28, -2, 118).

This time Ingrid wants you to visit Ko-Ma Nurwin, who in turn asks you to see Guard Captain Urtai concerning a stolen tome.


*Speak with Ko-Ma Nurwin in a house near the Courtyard of Hope (44, 15, -119)
*Speak with Guard Captain Urtai near the Sighing Willow Pond (-142, .7, -96)
*Speak with Aras Nurwin in the Outpost Tavern (-87, -2, 109)
*Speak with Turai Augren near the Mystic Waterfall (-249, -1, -79)
*Speak with Jai-La Ventur, when she is on the shore of the beach(116, -2, -26). She will toss something into the water, after which you can hail her. During the course of your conversation, she will offer you the Pirate's Bride quest.
*Speak with Guard Captain Urtai again.

To complete the quest, talk with Ko-Ma Nurwin again. You will now be able to begin the Tower of the Four Winds quest series, whose starting quest is called Access to the Tower of the Four Winds.

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