Information on the Village

General Quest:
Starting Zone: Village of Shin
Quest Starter: Ulgofar Wisme (-66, -2, 132)
Quest Level: 55
Involved Zones: Village of Shin
Faction: Completion of this quest enables you to undertake the Living Geomancy quest, by reading the rewarded book, "Geomancy".

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Information on the Village
Living Geomancy
Start your quest by speaking with Ulgofar Wisme, a ratonga you'll find inside a building in the Village of Shin (-66, -2, 132). You will need to be at least level 55 before you're considered able to take on this task.

Ulgofar will ask you to examine a number of different objects around the Village. As long as you come into close contact with the item in question, you will get a quest update. Note that you may do these steps in any order. Why not print out Brasse's Village of Shin map to help you plan your route?


1) Examine an urn beside the Nurwin home on the Courtyard of Hope (-2, 16, -90).

2) Examine the small urn outside the storage house near Dragon Turtle's Footstep (-19, 11, -75).

3) Examine the container near the pigsty (-48, 3, -30).

4) Examine one of the urns near the fisher's hut by Mara Beach (-2, .8, 2).

5) Examine the pallet of sacks near the House of Augren (41, 8, -46).

6) Examine the urn inside the home of Arellia Augren (75, 9, -72).

7) Examine a covered barrel in the courtyard of the House of Ventur (7, 16, -79).

8) Examine the stacked wooden container inside the Nurwin house on the Courtyard of Hope (-13, 15, -103).

9) Examine a small sack in the the supply hut beside the Middle Fields (-47, 12, -113).

10) Examine some canvas sacks in the House of Nurwin (-170, 7, -173).

After investigating all these items, head back to Ulgofar Wisme to finish your quest. You'll be rewarded with a book called "Geomancy". Examine the book and you may begin the Living Geomancy quest.

Special thanks go out to Wren for providing this quest writeup!
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