Living Geomancy

General Quest:
Starting Zone: Village of Shin
Quest Starter: Geomancy, reward from Information on the Village.
Quest Level: 55
Involved Zones: Village of Shin

Quests in Series:
Information on the Village
Living Geomancy
Start your quest by reading Geomancy, a book you receive after completing the Information on the Village quest. You will be able to read all but the last two pages of the book.

You will be checking out a few different locations in the Village of Shin. Note that you may do these steps in any order, and simply moving into the designated area will garner you a quest update.


1) Visit Village of Shin (13, 15, -117).
2) Visit one of the fields east of Shin (-62, 18, -149).
3) Visit the Tower of the Four Winds (12, 34, -153).
4) Visit Luk Ki Island (162, -3, 18).
5) Visit Tears of Jade Spring (-29, 17, -165).
6) Visit Willow view Bridge (-152, 6, -127).
7) Visit House on the Courtyard (38, 15, -109).

After you have visited all of these places, your quest will complete, giving you some experience. You will also be able to read the last two pages of the Geomancy book.

Special thanks go out to Wren for providing this quest writeup!
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