Death's Table

This is a quest only for Carpenters level 50+ that have relevant harvesting skills of 240+, and have completed the Improving Relations with the Locals quest. If you fit the bill, speak with Zhen-Hao Nurwin (-161, 7, -184).


1) Talk to Choo Nurwin, whom you will find wandering between the Sighing Willow pond and the front area of the House of Nurwin.

2) Choo will tell you to speak with Mei-mei Ventur (4, 15, 76).

3) Mei-mei wants you to gather 5 oysters, which is where your harvesting skills will serve you. The oyster shells are at the Village of Shin docks (-14, -4, 23).

4) When you've collected the shells, go back to find Zhen-Hao. He will have his own harvesting requests for you.

5) Collect 5 willow branches, found at the base of a tree near the Sighing Willow pond (-156, 0, -103). Then gather 5 pieces of rosewood, which you'll find in a bush north east of the Mayor's house (34, 14, -120).

6) Return to Zhen-hao Nurwin to claim your rewards: Wantia Artisan's Satchel, a 36-slot harvestable-only, lore, no-trade bag; and Nurwin's Sculpting Stylus, a charm-slot item, lore, no-trade, which grants you +10 sculpting skill.

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