Brother Lycabe's Trial: Knowledge of a Lost City

You'll begin your quest by speaking with Brother Lycabe on the second floor of the Tower of Four Winds. If you're getting punted from the second floor when you attempt to head up the stairs, that means you've not completed Balance of Nature and Mediate the Masters. You'll find those quests on the first floor of the tower.

Brother Lycabe wants you to investigate the Forsaken City and bring back some information. Zone into the Forsaken City and talk to Saphis Once-Blessed (0, -45, 22).


Now you will need to gather clues from harvestable bookcases. After you have gathered the page, examine it from your inventory to update your quest. You may do the following steps in any order:

1) Hall of Discourse (-53, 15, -22)
2) Alchemic Alcove (40, 15, -24)
3) Clerical Conclave (-52, -70, 5)
4) Esoteric Library (54, -58, 95)
5) Return to Brother Lycabe to finish your quest and receive your choice of reward.

In order to gain access to the third floor of the Tower of Four Winds, you'll need to complete both this quest and Brother Pang's Trial: Combating Corruption.

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