Brother Pang's Trial: Combating Corruption

Access Quest:
Starting Zone: Village of Shin
Quest Starter: Brother Pang (17, 36, -169)
Quest Level: 68
Involved Zones: Forsaken City
Mystic Lake
Village of Shin
Faction: +200 with the Whistling Fists Clan

Quests in Series:
Improving Relations with the Locals
Mediate the Masters
Brother Pang's Trial: Combating Corruption
The Rift
A Vision of the Future
You'll begin your quest by speaking with Brother Pang (17, 36, -169)on the second floor of the Tower of Four Winds. If you're getting punted from the second floor when you attempt to head up the stairs, that means you've not completed Balance of Nature and Mediate the Masters. You'll find those quests on the first floor of the tower.


1) Brother Pang wants you to investigate the creepy critters that are scaring the villagers in Mystic Lake. Zone into Mysic Lake and head to the Rotting Grounds area (-187, -3, 135).

2) Find and slaughter Zeera the Thorned (a level 67^^^ heroic dryad fury). After Zeera is disposed of, you'll get the Seeds of Corruption (a furniture item).

3) Go back to Brother Pang to advance your quest. He will send you to Kuabu the Songkeeper.

4) Hail Kuabu, whom you'll find wandering in the Courtyard of Hope (23, 14, -80). Kuabu will tell you to find Hunra the Carver.

5) Speak with Hunra in Mystic Lake (220, -47, 338).

6) Hunra wants you to kill Pirate Keelkrush and Pirate Greenwhisker (both level 67^^^) who wander the Gunthak Pirate Camp (68, -39, 304).

7) Open up your waypoints, and you'll find a listing for "X marks the pirate camp." Follow this waypoint to the pirate leader's hideout in the Direvine Wood area of Mystic Lake (-71, 10, 244).

8)Click on the bushes there (if you see no bushes, you may need to wait for them to respawn). This will cause Pirate Prince Prawn, a level 68^^^ gnome to appear. Hail him. After the conversation, the Prince will become aggro and attack.

9) After you've killed the Prince, go back to Kuabu. He'll want you to go to the Forsaken City to find a piece of music.

10) Once inside the Forsaken City, head to the God of Knowledge area (-86, -46, -6).

11) Click the bookcase to spawn the Delirious Lyricist, a level 68^^^ Iksar bard.

12) Once you've killed him, go back to Kuabu. He'll now send you to the Sepulcher of Zan Fi in the old monastary in Mystic Lake (14, 25, -9).

13) Zone in and once you've moved a bit into the Sepulcher, the first of four waves of level 67-70 heroic golems will attack you. You will not have a chance to rest between waves, so conserve some power for the final mob, Kudzua the Tormentor, a level 72^^^ dryad.

14) Once you've outlasted that nastiness, go back to Kuabu. He will thank you and send you to Brother Pang, who will complete your quest and reward you.

In order to gain access to the third floor of the Tower of Four Winds, you'll need to complete both this quest and Brother Lycabe's Trial: Knowledge of a Lost City.

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