The Heart of a Gnome

General Quest:
Starting Zone: Village of Shin
Quest Starter: Ensign Geredo (-29, 0, 131)
Quest Level: 51
Involved Zones: Village of Shin
Coin: 9gp 99sp 84cp
Item: Everburning Gnomish LoveEverburning Gnomish Love
A candle for your house.

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You'll begin the quest by speaking with Ensign Geredo (-29, 0, 131). He needs help selecting a companion and has narrowed down his search to three choices. You will procure and present each of these women with a specific offering, depending on what they like.


1) Purchase a Bolt of Imported Silk from Merchant Kaleb Farbring (-70, -3, 120) for 70sp.

2) Harvest some flowers from the area near the pig race and Sighing Willow Pond.

3) Harvest an oyster pearl under the docks (10, 0, 115).

4) Give the silk to Lurina Venture, whom you'll find in the courtyard for the House of Ventur (17, 15, -83).

5) Find Sherai Nurwin wandering around the pond and bridge (-159, 2, -150) and give the flowers to her.

6) Finally, you'll give the pearl to Arellia Augen, at the House of Augen (73, 8, -55).

7) Head back to Ensign Geredo to give him the news, complete your quest, and get your reward: a candle deemed 'Everburning Gnomish Love'.

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