The Jeweler's Mystery

This is a quest only for Jewelers level 50+ that have completed the Improving Relations with the Locals quest. If you fit the bill, speak with Kim Augren (76, 8, -96). Kim is found inside one of the buildings on the west-most part of the Village.


You will need to speak with a number of people, in order:

1) Kim Nurwin, who is at the east end of the zone, in the building near the tunnel to Mystic Lake (-173, 7, -175).

2) Choo Nurwin, whom you'll find wandering next to the small pool of water with the bridge, near the building with Kim (-171, 3, -150).

3) Ping Ventur, who is inside a building in Ventur Square (36, 15, -82).

4) Ghil Ventur, who you'll need to zone to Antonica to find. He's on the same small island with the lighthouse where the bell to Qeynos is located (318, -16, 754).

5) Xin-xu Augren, who is back in the Village of Shin on Mara wandernig around on the south-west side (36, 8, -37).

6) Return to Kim Augren for your reward of Augren's Magnifier and Wantia Artisan's Satchel.

Special thanks go out to Wren for providing this quest writeup!
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