The Pirate's Bride

General Quest:
Starting Zone: Village of Shin
Quest Starter: Jai-La Ventur (wanders near the shore)
Quest Level: 60
Involved Zones: Mystic Lake
Village of Shin
Coin: 9gp 40sp 12cp
Item: Lantern of DevotionLantern of Devotion
A piece of furniture for your house.

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Quests in Series:
Improving Relations with the Locals
The Stolen Tome
The Pirate's Bride
During the course of your conversation with Jai-La Ventur for the Stolen Tome quest, you will be offered the chance to take this quest. Before she will speak with you, you will need to wait outside her house (68, 8, -62) for her to return from her beach trek.


1) After you get the quest, Jai-La will give you a note. Upon examining it, you learn that you need to search the Gunthak Pirate Camp in Mystic Lake to locate Alyra (56, -39, 257).

2) Upon arriving at the destination, Alyra, a dark elf assassin, level 60^, will spawn for your killing pleasure.

3) From Alyra's body you will need to loot an examine an Assassination Contract to advance your quest.

4) Return to Jai-La to finish the quest and complete your reward.

If you're in a group, each person will need to kill Alyra (approximately a five minute respawn) and loot the Contract.

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