The Villager's New Clothes

This is a quest only for Tailors level 50+ that have relevant harvesting skills of 240+, and have completed the Improving Relations with the Locals quest. If you fit the bill, speak with Ping Ventur (35, 15, -82).


Ping will want you to get some items for him:

1) Use your trapping skills to gather 5 beaver skins from dens by the Mystic Waterfalls (-271, -6, -109).

2) Get 5 snake skins from water snake dens in the rice fields (-66, 0, -74).

3) Harvest 5 flax plants from tall plants near the lake with a bridge (142, 2, -151).

4) Collect 5 cotton boils from the cotton plant by the docks (-75, 1, 129).

5) Get a small bolt of fabric by clicking a crate next to Merchant Kaleb Farbring (-71, -2, 122).

6) Return to Ping Ventur for your reward of Ventur's Precision Needle and Wantia Artisan's Satchel.

Special thanks go out to Wren for providing this quest writeup!
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