The Master of the Fluttering Wing

Access Quest:
Starting Zone: Village of Shin
Quest Starter: the book
Quest Level: 70
Involved Zones: Mystic Lake
Village of Shin
Faction: Access to Xux'laio's Roost, a raid zone.

Quests in Series:
The Balance of Nature
Brother Lycabe's Trial: Knowledge of a Lost City
The Master of the Fluttering Wing
To begin this access quest, find and read the book "The Bird Man of Mara". This is on a bookshelf on the third floor of the Tower of the Four Winds, behind Master Lu Sywaka.


You'll need to find an initial bird cage, and then eight more throughout Mystic Lake and the Village of Shin. Note that after you click on the starting cage, a timer will begin, so you may wish to familiarize yourself with your route beforehand.

1) Click the iniital bird cage at the Gunthak camp in Mystic Lake (69, -37, 328). After clicking this cage, your timer will start, giving you 20 minutes to find the rest.

2) Mystic Lake: Near Eddleron the Wise (147, -39, 77).

3) Mystic Lake: Over the exit of the tunnel through the Tomb of the Sensei (look up) (11, -4, -.6).

4) Mystic Lake: Northeast area of the zone, which requires climbing a bit up a tree and onto some rocks (-285, .6, -107).

5) Mystic Lake: Go to the first tree past a tunnel, it will be on the ground (-106, 10, 320).

6) Village of Shin: Near the end of the tunnel from Mystic Lake (-250, 3, -71).

7) Village of Shin: Next to the house of Nurwin (-187, 8, -174).

8) Village of Shin: On the south side of the Tower of the Four Winds (40, 35, -156).

9) Village of Shin: Get this one by getting to the rooftop of Arellia Augren's house; it is overhanging on the south side (82, 8, -57).

10) Head back to the starting bird cage at the Gunthak camp, and follow the bird to the entrance of Xux'laio's Roost (152, -33, 35).

This will complete your quest and grant you access to Xux'laio's Roost zone.

Special thanks go out to Wren for providing this quest writeup!
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