Saelir's Plan: Necessary Components

General Quest:
Starting Zone: Greater Faydark
Quest Starter: Saelir Varryn (224, 112, 407)
Quest Level: 10
Involved Zones: Greater Faydark
Faction: Ability to take the next quest in the betrayal series.

Quests in Series:
Saelir's Plan: Necessary Components
Saelir's Plan: Stealing the Declarations
Saelir's Plan: The Sul Spheres
Following Through
This is the quest you'll need if you wish to become a Freeportian or a Qeynosian Fae, and betray your starting city of Kelethin (Greater Faydark). The quest cannot be taken until you are level 10, but it will scale to your level thereafter.


1) Begin your journey by finding and speaking with Saelir Varryn, who wanders a small area in Kelethin, close to the Order of Arcane (224, 112, 407). He will give you the betrayal quest.

2) Saelir will ask you to gather some items for him. First, get some red-blooded mushrooms near the Old Kelethin Acorn Lift (99, 12, 14).

3) You will also need yellow-blooded mushrooms, in the same sort of area as the red-blooded ones (73, 10, -17).

4) Purchase some purple berries from Brizeyl Myrika for 5cp (536, 71, 322).

5) Now get some reedmace seeds from some reeds (594, 45, 78).

6) Go back to Saelir to finish your quest. You will now be able to take the next step in your betrayal, the quest Saelir's Plan: Stealing the Declarations.

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