Saelir's Plan: Stealing the Declarations

General Quest:
Starting Zone: Greater Faydark
Quest Starter: Saelir Varryn (224, 112, 400)
Quest Level: 10
Involved Zones: Greater Faydark
Faction: Your reward will be the ability to advance to the next stage in your Betrayal of Kelethin.

Quests in Series:
Saelir's Plan: Necessary Components
Saelir's Plan: Stealing the Declarations
Saelir's Plan: The Sul Spheres
Following Through
This quest is the second in your mission to betray Kelethin. You must have completed Saelir's Plan: Necessary Components before you can take this quest.


1) Begin your journey by finding and speaking with Saelir Varryn, who wanders a small area in Kelethin, close to the Order of Arcane (224, 112, 407).

2) Go to the Fae Royal Court and search the bookcases there for the documents you need (396, 145, 155).

3) Go back to Saelir to finish your quest. You will now be able to take the next step in your betrayal, the quest Saelir's Plan: The Sul Spheres.

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