Saelir's Plan: The Sul Spheres

General Quest:
Starting Zone: Greater Faydark
Quest Starter: Saelir Varryn (224, 112, 400)
Quest Level: 10
Involved Zones: Greater Faydark
Faction: Finishing this quest will advance you towards your betrayal of Kelethin.

Quests in Series:
Saelir's Plan: Necessary Components
Saelir's Plan: Stealing the Declarations
Saelir's Plan: The Sul Spheres
Following Through
This quest is the third in your goal to betray Kelethin. You must have completed Saelir's Plan: Stealing the Declarations before you can take this quest. Finishing this quest gives you major loss of Kelethin faction.


1) Begin your journey by finding and speaking with Saelir Varryn, who wanders a small area in Kelethin, close to the Order of Arcane (224, 112, 407). Saelir asks you to steal some Sul Spheres in Kelethin.

2) You'll find Hiraen Aravirt's Sul Sphere in Scribe Eljas Aravirta's chest near the bank. Search this chest to get your Sul Sphere (314, 109, 117).

3) The Greenlight's Sul Sphere can be found on the second floor in the Protectors of Growth (near Gearheart's Forge). Look in the first room (342, 129, 287).

4) Go to the House of Falling Stars, near the southeast Kelethin platform to find Maayiri Ellia's Sul Sphere. It is on the second floor, in the first room (104, 96, 495).

5) Head to Joleena's Restaurant for the last one, Jyoril Maarson's Sul Sphere. You'll get this by searching in a backpack in the second room, on a chair near Bettina Meriaan (537, 71, 297).

6) Go back to Saelir to finish your quest. You will now be able to take the final step in your betrayal, the quest Following Through.

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