Revisionist History

General Quest:
Starting Zone: Crushbone Keep
Quest Starter: Janitor Gorreth (-39, -.04, -24)
Quest Level: 28
Involved Zones: Crushbone Keep
Greater Faydark

Quests in Series:
A Sense of History
Revisionist History
After you complete A Sense of History, Janitor Gorreth will offer you this quest.


1) Gorreth wants you to talk to his friend Korbev the Shamed, whom you'll find in an alcove of the Hall of Tactics, on the upper level of Crushbone Keep (-6, 26, -31).

2) Korbev thinks you may be a spy. To prove you aren't, you'll need to bring him a book from the Emperor's Chambers. You'll find it in a pile of three books on top of a bookcase in the northeast corner of the room (-26, 23, 14).

3) Take the book to Korbev, who lets you keep it. Now that he trusts you, he'll tell you to take a message to his friend Gelzeg. Gelzeg is in the Crushbone Jail, and is called a 'crushbone traitor' (68, -39, -19).

4) Head back to Korbev, who will tell you to take the journal to Vargorn the Historian so that it will be copied and distributed. Vargorn the Historian is in Greater Faydark, near the entrance to Crushbone Keep (-1140, 116, 55).

5) After Vargorn puts the journal together, he'll give you a copy, and complete your quest.

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