A Taste of Past Glory

Signature Quest:
Starting Zone: Jarsath Wastes
Quest Starter: Borga Rallok (-2,345, 231, 1,131)
Quest Level: 85
Involved Zones: Chelsith
Jarsath Wastes
Karnor's Castle
Veeshan's Peak

Quests in Series:
Bruiser Epic Quest Line
The Fist of War
The Broken Fist
A Taste of Past Glory
This is the final part of the Bruiser Epic Quest series, and results in the Mythical version of Gorynn's Fist.

Once you have your fabled Gorynn's Fist, go back to the Ogre Borga Rallok, located in the Skyfire Mountains in Jarsath Wastes.

He is near the spider caves in Skyfire Mountains at (-2,345, 231, 1,131). If you fly to skyfire from KP zone, then to Temple of the Red Lord, then fly to Temple of White Lady; jump off the bird as you pass the spider cave. Borga is standing on a ledge before going down to the Temple of the White Lady area.)

Borga will grant you the quest, A Taste of Past Glory.

The first thing you must do is kill 200 sentient beings (any being of intelligence, which means that animals, insects, and plants do not count) that are at least lvl 80. They don't have to be heroic or epic, but must be lvl 80 or higher.

Once you have killed 200 sentient beings of the right level, Return to Borga, who informs you that you must now venture into The Execution Throne Room, the raid zone in Karnor's Castle, and kill Pawbuster.

Return to Borga when you are victorious.

Next, you will need to go to the Chamber of Destiny and kill The Leviathan. This is a Tier 3 RoK raid zone.

Return to Borga once this task is accomplished.

Now for your final task, you must take your raid to Veeshan's Peak and kill the dragon named Silverwing. This is a Tier 4 RoK raid zone.

If you manage to do this, return to Borga with your head held high!

You will be declared the Champion of Norrath and representative of Gorynn... and your Epic weapon will be truly mythical!

Special thanks go out to Brasse for providing this quest writeup!
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