Rage Unleashed

If you wish to serve the deity Innoruuk, this is the second in a series of five quests you must undertake to accomplish your goal. You must have completed Into the Fold before you can take this quest.


1) Speak to Xilania Nevagon near the Combine Spires in Greater Faydark (-496, 46, 271).

2) Next you'll be heading to Butcherblock Mountains. Go to East Fort Irontoe and find Maertha Pulzer inside a tent (-380, 161, -204). Speak with her and she will give you a Crawler Net (this shows up in your inventory).

3) She wants you to capture a crawler hatchling with her net (right-click the inentory icon to use it). You'll find these in the Mortartoe Mines to the east (-615, 148, -198).

4) Go back to Maertha Pulzer.

5) She now wants you to kill Kargail, whom you'll find at the top of the ramp near the Butcherblock docks. He will run towards you, hail him to kill him when he stops. Use your crawler hatchling from your inventory, the spider will feed on Kargail's body. Pick the spider back up (right-clicking) when it stops moving.

6) Go back to Maertha Pulzer.

7) Maertha wants you to release the hatchling at the Mortartoe Mine entrance. Stand just at the entrance and right-click the spider from your inventory.

8) Make your last trip to Maertha to finish the quest. She will grant you a faction reward of +2500 points for Innoruuk and your choice of Innoruuk's Tempered Signet or Innoruuk's Cloudy Sigil. Plus, you can now take the third quest in the series: A Necessary Step.

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