A Necessary Step

If you wish to serve the deity Innoruuk, this is the third in a series of five quests you must undertake to accomplish your goal. You must have completed Rage Unleashed before you can take this quest.


1) Speak to Xilania Nevagon near the Combine Spires in Greater Faydark (-496, 46, 271). She gives you a Shrumbler Net, which you'll find in your inventory.

2) You'll be using the net in a goblin cave (Drippy Cave) to the west of the Nursery in Greater Faydark. Head to the cave, and then get to the Shrumbler Breeder Queen room (135, -51, -349).

3) Once there, locate a shrumbler hatchling, and use the Shrumbler Net (right-click on it while it's in your inventory) to capture it. This puts a "captured shrumbler hatchling" in your inventory.

4) Next you'll need to find and harvest a shiftless sandsponge. These are readily available in the sea to the east of the Nursery.

5) You'll be attacked by a sandsponge (level 55 solo mob) that spawns on the ocean floor.

6) Kill the sandsponge, and then pick up (by right-clicking) the shrumbler hatchling that spawns.

7) Now it's time to catch a spirit bud for Xilania. Do this by going to the front of the Nursery and releasing (by right-clicking) the shrumbler hatchling that is in your inventory.

8) Follow the hatchling until it swallows a spirit bud. It will then respawn as a frustrated shrumbler hatchling. Right-click on this and select the 'gut it' option.

9) Bring the spirit bud back to Xilania to finish your quest, gain +5000 Innoruuk faction, receive a mummy pet spell (Summon: Minion of Hate) and have the ability to progress to the next quest: A Hatred Repressed.

Special thanks go out to Wren for providing this quest writeup!
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