The Bones of Insanity

Signature Quest:
Starting Zone: Commonlands, The
Quest Starter: Qurst (-1,333 -68 332)
Quest Level: 85
Involved Zones: Charasis
Commonlands, The
Freeport, North
Jarsath Wastes

Quests in Series:
Necromancer Epic Quest Line
The Bones of Insanity
This is part of the Necromancer Epic Quest line, resulting in the Fabled version of Insanity's Rapture.

credits: Zatrkorak

Head out to the Commonlands, to the Turmoil Cemetery near the gates to the sprawl. Look for a gnome ghost in the center mausoleum (Steelbone Crypt) by the name of Qurst ( -1333, -68, 333 ). Have a nice chat about how he happened to die and more about the research that he was conducting, where he mentions the bones of Vazaelle.

Afterwards, he sends you to all the way to the third floor of the Library in Neriak to talk to Dartain ( -708, 32, 233 ). He is apparently famous, as he has two Necro spells named after him.


The quest itself starts now, called The Bones of Insanity. Be ready with a group for this is the first step; after talking with him a bit, Dartain will turn aggro as a 85 ^^ heroic mob with a tank pet, and challenges you to see if you are worthy of claiming the Skull of Vazaelle the Mad, a powerful artifact.

Reports are he CAN be done solo, but I had help anyway. Anyway, after you get him down to about 10% of his health he will relent and hand you the skull and tell you its origins. It is part of the mortal remains of the demi-goddess Vazaelle, left behind after Cazic elevated her to become a goddess. Dartain then tasks you with finding someone who can help locating the remaining pieces of the fallen demi-goddess.

Remember your good friend Qurst? Time to go back and talk to him. Bring friends this time, you will need them. After handing the skull over to the gnome he gets the idea to use it to revive himself, using your soul as fuel and will turn agro as a 85^^^ heroic mob. Now show him how much you happen to like your soul right where it is and kill him.

Again, you did bring friends right? As a note, the pets he summons do most of the dps, so take them out first. Unfortunately they happen to hit like trucks and are immune to root and fear and the like. Kill Cry of Madness first, as it hits hardest.

A tactic I have heard of is to stun or fear Qurst as soon as he goes agro, thus preventing the pets from adding (some say he is no longer stunnable Ė please advise of your experiences). Also note that the pets die once Qurst does, so can just burn him if you have a good tank and healing.

Once Qurst has been re-deaded and you have reclaimed the skull (this is not actually a drop, itís just implied you get it back), head back to his student Tohsa in the academy in North Freeport and show it to her. Turns out that Tohsa knows the location of the rest of Vazaelle - lucky for you. After making a ďpactĒ with her to be the muscle in the operation in exchange for the locations and further info later on about the remaining parts, its time to set out.

Most of the needed items needed are chest drops, and only necromancers on the proper step can even see them in the chest and there is one drop per kill.


Tosha asks you to collect the following:
* Vaezelle's left incisor (Prism of the White Lady, used to collect the fang at the Temple of the White Lady)
* Vaezelle's right canine (Prism of the Red Lord, used to collect another fang in Skyfire)
* Vazaelle's right incisor (Korucust in Court of Korucust, Chardok)
* Vazaelle's left canine (Harbinger Freglor in Crypt of Agony)

First off, the four fangs needed can be collected in any order: two of them are drops and two are harvests. The first of the dropped fangs is from Korucust in the Court of Korucust, and the other is from Harbinger Freglor in the Crypt of Agony.

The two harvests are in Jarsarth Wastes, and the Prisms you need can be VERY rare, so just keep at it.
Start killing Temple Sentinels at the Temple of the White Lady for a Prism of the White Lady. Go to the floating island at the back of the Temple of the White Lady. In the middle will be a blue ? to collect.

Then head to the Temple of the Red Lord and kill Dracurion Keepers until they drop a chest containing a Prism of the Red Lord. Equip the Red Lord prism, go to where the ring event is at the Temple of the Red Lord temple and there will be a blue ? to collect, in the middle of the lava.

The other two fangs are drops from relatively easy mobs: Harbinger Freglor in the Crypt of Agony and Korucust, in the Court of Korucust.

After getting the 4 fangs its time to head back to Tohsa to hand in the fangs and find out where the next set of items are.


Turns out its Vazaelleís spine, which is in two parts that can be obtained in any order.

* Vazaelle's upper spine is dropped by the Praetor of the Phylactery in Charasis: Vaults of Eternal Sleep

*Vazaelle's lower spine is found on Drusella Sathir in Charasis: Maidens Chamber.


Once the parts of the spine are acquired, itís back to Tohsa for the location of last two items. These two MUST be done in the proper order and are by far the hardest to get.

* Royal Sarnak Sinew: First, you are sent deeeeep into Chardok, past all three gates and into the Palace to kill Queen Velazul Diízok (or her place holder) for some sinew.

* Orb: Second, you are sent deeeeeep into Sebilis to harvest an orb that floats in front of Kotiz the Death Bringer, found down near the zone in to Venril Sathirís Lair. If you havenít done the part in Chardok yet, you will be unable to see the orb. Now a little trick is, since the update in Sebilis is a harvest and not a kill, you can potentially just follow another group or raid down to get it.

However you acquire the final two parts, its now time for the last trip to Tohsa and introduce her to your friends; trust me, you need them again. Hand over the last parts of Vazaelle so she can combine them with the other parts you collected. And how does Tohsa thank you for all the hard work? She tries to kill you, go figure.

Shortly after turning agro as an 85^^^ heroic, Tohsa will summon about 3-5 adds behind you that will attack from range. Ignore them and burn Tohsa down, because they die when she does.

Once she dies, you get your last update and your Fabled epic, Insanityís Rapture.

Now to go even further, take the epic back to Dartain in the Neriak library and show the weapon to him; donít worry, you get it back. He then explains more of what is going on and gives you the quest to upgrade the epic with the raid portion called Shattered Sanity of the Mad. Good luck!

Special thanks go out to Brasse for providing this quest writeup!
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