Madam Victra's Distinguished Appetite

General Quest:
Starting Zone: Darklight Wood
Quest Starter: Calnozz J'Melvirr (-356, 42)
Quest Level: 11
Involved Zones:

Quests in Series:
Neriak Delight
Smoldering Trout
Madam Victra's Distinguished Appetite
Calnozz wants you to make a delivery for him.


1) I need to deliver these baby snakes to Madam Victra at the Wanderlust Fair. From the quest journal:

"To get to the fair I should take the path west out of T'Vatar Post, taking the northern fork. After crossing the Searing Tendril, the left fork in the path will lead to Wanderlust Fair."

Madam Victra is standing between a wagon and a tent (242, -3).

2) After you speak with them to complete your quest, you get XP.

Special thanks go out to Wren for providing this quest writeup!
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