EQ2 Map: Darklight Wood

Quests that start in this zone:
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Quests that start in this zone:
Alakzaer the Missing
Back to Work
Big One, The
Broken Barrier: Elemental Bindings
Broken Barrier: Lessons of the Fallen
Broken Barrier: The Bite of the Wolf
Broken Barrier: Tilzax V'Reryn
Broken Barrier: Veryn's Call
Broken Barrier: Wounded of the Air
Broken Barrier: Wounded of the Earth
Broken Barrier: Wounded of the Fire
Broken Barrier: Wounded of the Water
Comparisons to the Harrowglade
Continuing Assistance
Danya's Order
Delivery to Vicaonar
Digging Deeper
Dirzdia's Order
Elemental Encroachment
Featherless Fliers
Ferocious Inconvenience, A
Find the Fury
First Step, The
Flightless Birds of a Feather
Friendly Reminder, A
Fury Epic Quest Line
Greater Threat, A
Guard Insignia, A?
Inform Madam Victra
Investigate the Death
Luxuries for the Rich
Madam Victra's Distinguished Appetite
Make 'em Pay
Malkaen Weed
Missing Recruit, The
More Luxuries
Mother Lode, The
Neriak Delight
One Man's Waste...
Other Materials?
Picking Up Slack
Potential Threats
Preparing a Ritual
Prowler Annoyance
Prowler Pelts
Public Service
Purposeful Trinkets
Reaping the Benefits of a Monopoly
Reclaiming the Sabevein Tear
Report to Zezas
Resonance Capture
Restored to Glory
Rotting Scum
Sablevein Rubble
Screecher Secrets
Smoking the Competition
Smoldering Trout
So Hot You Can Catch Them Cooked
Stop the Problem at the Source
Summoning Catalyst, The
Summoning, The
Tender Flesh
Thexian Taint
Useful Materials
Wanted: Ithari K'Xyrae
Warpfront Spire, The
What's in Demand?
Wings of Fury