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1  Massively Multiplayer Games / EverQuest II / Re: The Broken Cat on: February 01, 2008, 02:13:02 PM
Thank you all for your kind words. im doing my best to reply but the ambien is kicking in full force so between yawning myself into coma and the keyboard imprint on my face and the soda on the wall becasue i jumped out of falling asleep at my desk and in surprise knocked the cup into the wall with diet pepsi in it im really thankful for all your kind words.

that was my FIRST ever attempt at writing ANYTHING. i just hope i never have that blinding pain or situation again that motivated such a story.

My new cats name is Stone hes less then 2 years old and talks my ear off. i love him for saving me. HE chose me. and im glad he did. we get along great and wouldnt get rid of him for anything. i still miss and cry over Broken but Stone keeps my mind on other things. hes a nose licker and a daddys boy for sure!

thanks again everyone for the kind words

RIP Broken Medeiros

ps im hopped up on sleeping pills right now so just the fact that i was able to make any sence right now is amazing


January 5th 1996 - November 17th 2007
2  Massively Multiplayer Games / EverQuest II / The Broken Cat on: January 30, 2008, 06:19:54 AM
The Broken Cat



      It was December of 1995 that I and my best friend Josh got an apartment on Broadway in Prov. It was behind the bakery offset from the street by a parking lot. I'm not going to go as far as Steven King and explain every little detail and this is my very first ever story and I'm not the best speller so bear with me.


      So anyway, me and Josh moved in with our friend Bill and decided we wanted a kitty. I had always had a Love for cats and felt it would be nice to give one a home, less it roam the streets hungry like a lot of the cats I see in providence. So we looked in the paper and someone was giving away a female cat, free to good home. We got the address and hopped on the bus to go collect our new edition. It was a house right near the giant multi colored crayon house in providence. I think it's down Westminster or something like that. If you're from Providence Rhode Island you know the one I'm talking about. We go get this cat, she had to be 3 years old at the most, and we thought it odd how fat she was for her age. Thinking nothing of it we happily accepted her with open arms. Wouldn't you know after a Veterinary examination we find she's pregnant? To me it didn't matter. I knew I wouldn't have rested until I found all the kittens a home. So we named her Angel and fussed about her until the day she gave Birth.


      It was January 5th, 5:10 a bout's if I recall. Me and my girlfriend are fast asleep on our little futon when we hear a yowl of pain. Carol kicks me and says "something's wrong with Angel". I get up and go investigate. Angel is panting heavily. She is looking at me meowing as if to ask "what's going on?" she's dragging her butt in circles trying to dislodge this sack from her lower extremities. I look over and I see 5 other little kittens huddled in a little pile of matted fur. Looking back at Angel it is evident she needs some help. So I try to grab the little sack but I can't get a grip. It's too slippery. I do my best and tear open the sack and gently grab his little hind legs and try to work him out without hurting or killing him. Finally with one fell push we both (me and his mother) get the little bugger free. She immediately starts cleaning him. I sit there and watch making sure the little kitten is ok and it's moving and trying feebly to mew. I notice this one's almost pure white accept for his head tail and 3 distinct dino type tan spots on its back. It didn't have all that much fur if any but the pigmentation on its skin was tan in those spots. I toyed with the idea of naming him Dino over the next 6 weeks.


      Due to financial reasons me and Josh and carol had to relocate to Barrington across from where I grew up and we moved in the basement of our friend Petey's house. Her and her Brother Mr. Russell owned it until they both passed away in 97'.


      We used to sit around and play cards and watch the kittens run amuck and tackle each other. The little kitten that I helped dislodge from his mother, we noticed as it got a little older, had deformed front paws. He would walk on his wrist instead of his feet. He was the one who always wanted attention and I would wake up in the morning and he's on my pillow next to my head. Wasn't hard for him to get up there seeing our mattress was on the ground. Angel would prowl the basement and try to get away from her kittens but this other one always hung with us.


      We are sitting playing cards and I look at josh and say "we never did name him, got any ideas?" he shrugs and looks back at his hand. I look at Carol looking for suggestions then I mention I was thinking of Dino but I wanted to be more original. Josh says "he's just a little broken down kitten." I look at Josh and laugh saying "THATS IT!!"


His name was Broken.


      The Vet said he has one kidney, deformed legs and shows signs of feline retardation. I wasn't going to argue there. He was dumb as a Brick, but has a certain way about him you had to fall in love with. He was the miracle kitten.


      I'm going to just give you the rundown of his life here up till now.


      We had to find homes for his mother and his brothers and sisters. Broken was 1 of 6, not by far the runt of the litter though. So we took our crate of Kittens to Lincoln Mall and before they kicked us out all but the runt was claimed. The mother was taken by my friend Ann Marie and later heard she died of feline Leukemia. I was devastated.


      The runt was taken by this strange but kind lady who lived in the village across from Crescent Park in riverside. I was delivering pizza to her when I worked for town Pizza and noticed her adorable cats and I had mentioned I needed to find a home for the wee lass she said he would love to have her. Later on I hear the lady passed away and I don't know what became of runt as we called her.


      Me, Carol and Josh traveled to Florida and TENN on occasion and took Broken with us. He was a well traveled cat. We moved from Barrington when Petey and Mr. Russell passed away and moved up to Woonsocket. We bounced all over Rhode Island over the years always with Broken in tow.


August 2007. Broken is diagnosed with kidney failure.


      Denial, No! He will be fine.


      Rage, WHY! DAMNIT WHY!


      Sadness, Not my little boy NO NO NO!!




      The Vet wanted him to be on a special K/D diet. She said he could live a while on it. I best describe it as chicken pudding. Broken didn't want anything to do with it. He was stubborn and was starving himself. A violent war raged within. The moral Dilemma of Quality of life. I can get more time with him they say if I force this crap upon him or I can let him eat what he loves and go happy.


      I sat in front of the cat food at Wal-Mart in Seekonk for at least half an hour, thinking of everything that had transpired. This little old lady strolls into the isle humming to herself as she picks certain cans of cat food from the shelves. She looks at me in thought for a few seconds and asks, "What's the matter?" so I recap briefly my dilemma. Nodding knowingly she grabs my upper arm and says I know what you're going through, she told me her tale of one of her cats and how she had the same dilemma. As she's telling me her story the tears well up in her eyes. wouldn't you know she hugged me and said "listen closely, you get him his favorite food and you fuss over him till the good lord takes him, If he's not happy YOUR not happy, and do you want your cat to be miserable his last days on earth?" Before she let go she gave me a reassuring Squeeze and went about her shopping. I'm not religious but I looked up and said thank you. As I wiped the tears from my eyes I grabbed an over abundance of his favorite food.


August - Sept 2007


      From the month since my run in with "the saint lady" Broken has been very finicky and I have had to try a variety of foods. He lost a lot of weight and has been peeing a lot.


Sept 12th 2007


Broken's day out.


      Broken took a turn for the worst. He won't eat doesn't use the box and can barely walk. I took him outside. He's always been an indoor cat always staring out the window wondering about that big world he's been missing out on. I take him out the back door and place him on the grass. His head nearly pops off his frail little body, eyes wide with curiosity. He looks up at me and starts meowing as if asking "am I supposed to be out here?" He musters all the strength he has and proceeds to walk about sniffing here and there stopping time to time to meow at me, sit and rest. He lies in the grass and I go pick him up knowing he's happy and thankful but exhausted.


      The events to follow are very hard for me; I find myself crying uncontrollably as I type this. I wanted you people to know about him. I don't want him going out just another cat, an unknown. You read his story; you can't say you didn't hear of a cat named Broken. He's in your mind now and that only makes him more memorable. My goal is complete in making his memory live on.




Sept 13th

      This day is a Blur to me. I never realized how this little ball of fur has touched so many lives; he's 11 years old and has made more friends I think then me over the years. He's always been a people cat. He was never timid or frightened. Would come out and rub up against a bull without thinking. He's also made friends with many a cat or dog along his journeys.


      Chris, Missy, Mike, Beth, Kathy and DA' BEAR come up to see him over the next couple days. Calls from friends and relatives out of state asking how he's doing, dying they couldn't be there. MY MOTHER! TERRIFIED OF CATS! always asking me to put him in the bedroom when she comes over was standing 1 foot away from him while he was on the couch consoling me and making sure he was comfortable. He is truly loved.


Sept 14th............. Josh's birthday


      This was the day we were going to take Broken in to release him from his pain. Josh was only a room away when Broken came into this world, he was his favorite uncle and even named him, I was [I cannot control my vocabulary] sure going to make sure he was going to get some time to say good bye to him before.............


      The 33 bus has to divert because the bridge over at Crescent Park is down. So Josh got off the bus at Riverside Square over where Jerry and sons is and Rhodes Pizza and Buckets General Store. The Bus driver didn't tell him he had to take a shuttle to Crescent Park from there. Josh CHUGGED AND CHUGGED like a train ALL the way to Crescent Park from there on foot! I didn't know what was going on he didn't have his cell with him. I waited and waited. I'm leaving to go take care of something when I see josh sweating and haggard walking up the parking lot. I turn to my friends and say ok let's do this but then I think NO josh needs some time with him first. I tell him to go upstairs and Chris and Missy are there with Broken and we will be back and then take him to the ASPCA. I get back and Missy tells me the Vet had some sort of investigation to attend to and would not be able to do it today. I felt faint and I turn to Josh and say thank you. I think at the time it was taken the wrong way but I explained to him he postponed the hour I was dreading. I got a little more time with Broken. I look down at him on the bed and think to myself. If I could write a bestselling novel it would be entitled "As Fate would have it". Seems to be the backbone of any good novel, seems pertinent to my situation.



Sept 14th Evening to Sept 15th


      I had been going for days without sleep or food. I make myself some fish sticks and attend to Broken. He won't budge so I put water and food on the bed for him. He feebly attempts to eat and drink. I pick him up and carry him to his little box now and then. Sometimes he goes sometimes he doesn't.


      My wish of Broken was for him to Purr for me one last time before he died. I had been trying for the last 2 days but he had lost his contentment. Growing up he used to like sleeping under the covers in the crook of my arm. His purring would lull me to sleep. Broken knows I'm stressed. He hears me sobbing as I lay down next to him. I gently pull him into the crook of my arm and pull the covers over us. I think to myself I should get some shut eye. It's been days I'm emotionally and physically drained. I start rubbing Broken down his back like he likes and cooing softly to him. Telling him he's my Hero. Thanking him for changing my life and making it worth living. He starts to Purr. The tears won't stop. I'm sobbing uncontrollably thanking him over and over and over again for granting me my little wish. For a while we lay there, I am stroking his fur thinking of the life we shared. All the adventures we partook on together.......


The purring tappers off and stops..........

I feel a wet spot forming on the sheet...........

I know.........


      I lay there for a while still rubbing him knowing he's no longer with me but relishing the feel of him next to me. Knowing I will never get this again....... he's laying in my bed right now. Its 5:55 AM Sept 15th 2007. I wanted to get this all down to share the life of Broken with you. I don't care about the sheets. I'm going now to lay next to my Son, my best friend, and get some sleep before the ASPCA opens and I can take him in so they can cremate him.


      Pleasant Dreams.


Writen by Corey

Rhode Arsai fury

Crushbone server


Friends made a Tribute to him on youtube look for "r.i.p. Broken"

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