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Author Topic: Tranquillity App  (Read 820 times)
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« on: May 13, 2008, 07:14:09 PM »


Your Main Character's Name: Tranquillity

Class/Level: 23 assassin

Tradeskill/Level: N/A

Time zone that you play in: Pacific

Times you are most likely to play: Evening or afternoon

Share some of your past gaming experience in EQII or other MMOGs: Played EQ for 6 years and EQ2 for 4 years now, ive played other MMORPG's but none as vigorously as EQ

Please tell us why you are interested in Stealth:Large scale guilds are more organized, i like grouping and a guild helps me do so. I like working and helping others.

What will you offer as a member in Stealth?Help whenever possible, constant grouping when im online, financial aid when a member needs it.

What is your preferred play-style? Group, solo, raid... other? Group

Do you have any alts? Not on crushbone

Do you know any current members in Stealth? Nope

What else would you like to tell us about yourself? My real name is daniel and im 17
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« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2008, 07:16:05 AM »

Thank you for your interest in Stealth.

Your application is now being reviewed by the officers.

You will be getting a PM from Brasse, Wren, or myself in the next 24 - 48 hours.

Until then dont hessitate to contact an officer in-game with any questions.

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