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Author Topic: Stealth and the CRA (Crushbone Raiding Alliance)  (Read 2972 times)
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« on: October 10, 2007, 07:31:11 AM »

Stealth is not a raiding guild, but we do have some members that enjoy that aspect of the game. To better facilitate our member's participation in large-scale raids, we have joined the Crushbone Raiding Alliance. From their web site:

The Crushbone Raid Alliance is an alliance like none other. We believe in maintaining each Affiliate-Guild's individuality and sovereignty.  This website is a utility for you to take advantage of.

Does this sound familiar: You're all set to take on that x4 zone, only not enough people are logged on.  So you resort to LFG and the channels to fill out your raid. From here things either go good, or they don't, either way you're burning the clock scrambling to fill-out your raid.

This website is a "centralized raid organization utility".  Our member guilds publish their schedules here.  Members signup (your guildies as well), then you hand pick from the signup list for class, etc.  In the end, you get people that raid with you consistently.  You know their style and they know yours.  Best of all, you aren't waiting an hour to fill-out a raid that should have started an hour ago.

Our Raid Leaders are responsible for planning and executing raids.  There is no approval process for this.  The Raid Leaders decisions are final during the course of a raid.  All we ask is that all raids follow the set forth Loot Policy, which is Need Before Greed (NBG).

Our main objective here is to empower the COMMUNITY, and to provide a centralized location for a variety of guilds and individuals to plan and organize raids on a consistent basis.

There are a number of Crushbone guilds involved in this alliance, and the CRA has a strong raid leader/organizer. Basically, after you are signed up and approved on their Guild Portal web site, you check their calendar for any raids you may be interested in. Sign up for the raid, show up, have fun, and hope you get some loot!

To get signed up, you'll need a Guild Portal account, which you should have for the Stealth Guild Portal site already. Then follow the instructions at the CRA site on joining. You will need to fill out a brief questionnaire and edit your character's bio.

We hope all Stealth members enjoy a long and fruitful relationship with the CRA!
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