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Author Topic: Stealth FAQ and Etiquette  (Read 2997 times)
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« on: October 10, 2007, 07:38:40 AM »


Q: Who are Stealth?

Stealth is a Qeynos-based guild, but accepts characters of all alignments. We have no bias against inviting any class or level, believing that you should play what you enjoy, not what the guild "needs". Who you are as a member is more important than what you are as a class.

Stealth was formed on September 21st, 2006, and currently has over one hundred and seventy unique accounts. Our goal is to keep a comfortable, casual environment while still serving a large community.

Here is our listing on, where you can see our current array of classes/levels.

Our founder and leader is Fanadore, and he is assisted by several Officers, all of which will be listed on the recruiting section of the guild info, if they are online.  Any of these people would be happy to answer your questions in game.

We are a level 80 guild.

Q: What is Stealth's recruiting policy?

A: We have an application process in place: Membership Application. Having poured a lot of heart and soul into the Stealth guild over time, we hope that potential recruits will invest the time in reading about our guild and answering a few questions. The Officers will review the application and respond within 24-48 hours, via PM (personal message) on this board.  If approved, we'll invite you to the guild as a recruit. During your 'recruit' phase, either you, or a Stealth Officer, may decide you are not right for Stealth. Should this occur, we hope to part ways with no ill feelings.

Q: How do members increase their guild rank?

A: Players can raise their rank in the guild by earning status points and completing Heritage Quests, as well as by being helpful and friendly members over the course of time. The exact requirements are outlined in this link.

Q: Do you raid? If so, how often?

A: We have done casual raiding in the past, though not lately. Stealth members are able to enjoy raiding as part of the Crushbone Raiding Alliance. For more information on that, follow the link!

If you are max level and are looking for a raiding guild, then Stealth is not the right fit for you. If you are not yet max level, please consider what your end-game needs might be. We recognize that raiding guilds are often not looking for characters that are not near the max level, unlike Stealth, where we welcome them. We would be sad to form a relationship with you over time, and then have you discover as you hit the level cap that we are not your style of guild. So please, consider this carefully before applying.

Q: How chatty are you?

A: It varies. We have fairly high activity levels, so there is usually someone online. The guild kinship chat can sometimes scroll by too fast for you to read, and other times we are more quiet and sedate. Yet we strongly encourage our members to congratulate others when they gain levels, get some uber loot, or complete writs and Heritage Quests. Long live camaraderie!  As we are a family-style guild, we request that folks keep things PG-13 and avoid hot-button topics (such as sex, politics and religion).

Q: Do you use voice chat?

A: We have a Ventrilo server available for those who wish to use it, but it is not mandatory. You may use it for general chat, groups or raids. Should we go on a raid, then we will encourage everyone to at least *listen* on the chat channel.

A number of us are enjoying the in-game voice channels, and find them an easier and more accessible method than Ventrilo. Still, similarly to our lack of requirements concerning class, play style, etc., we have no requirements on whether you must (or must not)  use voice chat.

Q: What if I need help with a quest, or finding a location--will Stealth members be there for me?

A: Stealth has many members that LOVE to help others. While you cannot expect your guildies to drop everything they are doing at once to come to your aid, so many people enjoy helping that they have put it in their guild tag line. We will mentor, we will give advice, we will help. Aside from that, you can always post a request for help in our member forums, which will allow us time to plan ahead.

Q: Sounds good so far. What else do I need to know about Stealth?

A: Make sure you've read our charter, FAQ, and etiquette guidelines. We encourage every member to follow in the charter's ideals. Also, check out how we expect our members to behave in-game, below. Lastly, if you have other questions or just want to get more opinions, talk to a recruiter in-game. Thank you for your interest!



1) COURTESY - All members shall be treated with courtesy and respect. Everyone has the right to log in and enjoy their game time without fear of harassment and ridicule.  If you have a problem, be constructive and express why you think a rule should be changed on the board (not in guild chat). If there is a problem and people let us know, we may be able to fix it. Also be constructive, and offer solutions, as opposed to attacking or criticizing.

2) RESPECT & PATIENCE - These two go hand in hand within this guild. You will never agree with everything that is done in this guild, but there are appropriate ways to handle things, and inappropriate ways to handle things. If you find yourself losing control over an in-game situation, perhaps you should excuse yourself from the raid/quest/group/etc. and come back when you are calm and clear headed. Remember, we are here to play a game, and to have fun doing so.

3) ON RAIDS - We have little tolerance for poor attitudes, greed, and inappropriate behavior. We focus on NEED over GREED, and recognize that friendships are more important than virtual items. There will be no open yelling in guild chat over loot, yelling at the raid leader for mistakes, or being a hindrance to the raid in open guild chat. There is no complaining in guild chat when a mob you donít want to do is picked for the raid target. You will be removed from the raid immediately. If the behavior becomes a problem or is repeated you will be removed from the guild.

4) GREED - This has no place here what so ever. We watch every raid and see who is there for the loot, and who is there to help and play as a team. This "self first" and "gimme gimme" attitude will not be tolerated here. Greed is a nasty monster that can overcome divide and kill anything, and its not going to happen here. If you are here for the loot, you will not be allowed to participate on raids. If the behavior persists you will be removed from the guild.

5) RULES & POLICIES - Every member is expected to have read and abide by the guild charter and the rules outlined here and the EverQuest II EULA and Terms of Service. The officers/leaders have worked very hard to assure this guild will run as smoothly as possible, and with little conflict. These policies are not set in stone. If you have a problem with something, please contact an officer or myself to discuss it.

Bottom Line... Read the rules, understand the rules. If you have an issue, then sit down and think of why this rule causes problems, and suggest a better way of doing things.

6) CONTACT WITH GUILD OFFICERS/LEADERS - Being an officer or leader is a position of servitude and we accept that. There are times when I log in and do nothing but type for 3 hours because I have 5 tells going at once. I care very deeply about every last guild member, as do the other officers/leaders, and would do whatever I could to help them out.

When sending tells to an officer or leader, ask yourself: is this is an issue that can be resolved without getting them involved? Do you have questions that can be explained in the rules on the board, or if on a raid be answered by another experienced raider?

We love getting greeted every day and we try to talk to everyone we possibly can, but sometimes we have other things going on in the background you donít see. So please be patient and do not take it personally if we donít' get a chance to respond right away.



Should anything inappropriate be posted on the board your post will be deleted and you will have the option to repost your thoughts in a different way.

Should you be unable to get your meaning across without attacking someone or the use of profanities a second time, your board access will be removed for a period of time, and you will be given a formal warning and have a chat about your behavior in guild or on the board with the officers/leaders.

Should this continue to happen, you will be asked to seek a guild life elsewhere.



All in all what we want you to get most out of all of this is that even though this is a game we play, there are real people sitting on the other end of those screens. They deserve to be treated with respect and courtesy. We know the guild will not be problem free, we are real people too, but we try the best we can, and try to have the best interests of the entire guild in mind when we make rules/policies/decisions/judgment calls.

If you are a mature, rational human being who believes in sharing and the prosperity of the team, then we welcome you with open arms and you will have a rewarding and enjoyable experience in this guild.

However if you are unstable, irrational, driven by greed or jealousy; if you cannot respect others, the hard work they put into making this game fun for all of us, or the hard work they've put in to be what/who they are today, then you will be miserable here and are not welcome amongst us.

Do the right thing and /guildremove yourself, please donít make us have to do it because it's not an enjoyable or easy thing to do.

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