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Author Topic: Stealth Charter and Ranks  (Read 3533 times)
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« on: October 10, 2007, 07:50:16 AM »

Well met everyone and welcome to the Stealth forums!


Stealth was created with the desire to build a community of players that want to enjoy the game of EverQuest 2 in a relaxed, casual atmosphere, while helping each other to grow and achieve both personal and guild-oriented goals.

We support all styles and levels of play--from the die-hard soloist to the raider, from the collection mob freak to the eternal quester.

Of high importance is helping each other and others outside of the guild, and maintaining our solid reputation on the Crushbone server. The Stealth guild tag is one we are proud to wear.


A member of Stealth will show strength and honor in all situations they encounter both in and out of the eyes of the guild. We will strive for excellence in every situation we encounter, surpassing all obstacles placed before us. We strive to help others whenever we are able, leaving everyone with a sense of comfort whenever they see the Stealth tag amongst them.

Members may not always agree with judgments made by the leadership; but agree that as smaller part of a larger whole those judgments are made for the good of the guild. We hand items down to those who can use them in the guild, for every upgrade to any member makes us stronger as a whole.

Loot is never given, but rather awarded to members for hard work and service to the guild. Members of Stealth appreciate hard work and the fruits of their labor. A kill means more for us than the loot that comes from it.

FRIENDSHIP - We value the friendships we make in the land of Norrath. Friendship is what binds us together, and we must always remember that no matter what obstacle is thrown our way, we are above all friends and will leave the game the same way.

UNITY - Together we can obliterate any wall put in front of us. As one, we are a great force without error and incapable of failure. We set aside our differences and focus on the road ahead of us.

SACRIFICE - As members of Stealth we realize that in order to achieve the goals of the guild we must work hard and help one another. We always strive to help a member in need, and are focused on accomplishing our goals at any cost.

INTEGRITY - Every member of Stealth has a sense of purpose and honor. We strive to do right in all situations and resolve all conflicts in a manner that leaves all involved parties with a feeling of dignity and honor. We adhere to the EULA and Terms of Service for EverQuest II.

NEMESIS - We are kind to our allies, but fierce in the face of adversity. We thrive in spilling the blood of our adversaries across the land of Norrath, and strive to never turn and flee when faced with conflict. To our enemies beware; we are strong opponents who will never yield.

This is our philosophy, by which we stand, and which none shall tear asunder.



RUMOR: Your starting rank. 

APPRENTICE OF SECRETS: 15 days in guild + 2500 Status points     

ADEPT OF DARKNESS:  15000 Status Points + 30+ days in guild

ENIGMA EXPERT:  40000 Status Points & 90+ days in guild
KEEPER OF MYSTERY:  100000 Status Points & 120 + days in guild

HIDDEN SHADOW:  Officer Alts

MASTER OF SHADOW:  Officers, by appointment only

LORD OF STEALTH: Fanadore, the Leader
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