Free Realms Archer Training - A Quick Guide to Level 5

by Corben Redvale (Scorchedsabre)

The Archer quest line begins with Lugabow.
Location: The archery camp is located in the southern Wilds of Free Realms. From the Lavender Coast Warpstone travel west past the mining camp and across a small pond. You'll find Lugabow the Chugawug on a hill near some archers firing at targets.

Part 1:
Path of the Archer
Speak to Lugabow. She asks you to talk to the three recruits by her. After you talk to each one, return to Lugabow
Reward: You are now an archer!

Part 2:
Test of Agility
Timed Quest! About 40 seconds for completion
Touch all of the dummies before time runs out. As you touch each one, the next will appear, always within line of sight. It helps to know the positions they'll appear in, and you may end up running this quest a few times to get in under the time limit.
Return to Lugabow.

Part 3:
Taking Aim
Fighting Quest; Difficulty Easy
Find Thugawug Bumblers. Use multi-shot arrow on the Thugawug Fumblers that guard them.

Although this is supposed to be on the easy side, it is a hard fight for a first time archer. When the main boss calls in the others, run away and try to have one arrow hit the boss and use multi-arrow on the others to speed their take down. You have three knock outs before you lose.

Suggestions: POTIONS! You will need a lot of them, so keep a stack with you.

Talk to Lugabow to finish. She will say she is impressed! You're better then the last recruit who nearly took out an eye. Savor the irony.

Part 4:
Oath of Honor

Carve your name in the stump at the camp near the lake (to the north,) then speak with Hilforn to continue training. He is nearly due south from the lake.

Part 5:
Pondblaster Target Practice
Fighting Quest; Difficulty Easy

Use Robgoblin Pond Blasters as target practice. Defeat Robgoblins, don't get knocked out 3 times.

When you pull one with your single shot, you will normally get two. Use multi arrow at this time to do some extra damage to both.
Return to Hilforn for the next quest.

Reward: 50 Stars and armor items.

Part 6:
Explosive Expedition

Recover Dynamite from Robgoblin Pond Blasters (Same instance as "Pondblaster Target Practice.") Then collect sap from nearby collection jars beneath the trees.

Note on Sap: I still could have Hilforn in the center of my minimap and find them all, so they are not too far from him, they are on all sides of the trees in the area.
Return to Hilforn.

Reward: Amateur Bow and Tunic

Part 7:
Achieve level 5
Hilforn informs you that you are not high enough to continue with his quests. He tells you to seek out Eddie Eagle Eyes for more quests.

Directions: Eddie is just south of the Crossroads Warpstone, and just north of the Wild Wood Speedway, on a hill overlooking the path. Eddie will give you a contract to help level you up.

Note: Any combat instance will help you level up your Archer; you do not need to use Eddie, but you will get extra rewards for doing what he asks.

Contract: All Around Win
Fighting Quests; Difficulty Easy
Averages 31 Stars per instance.

Quest requires you to defeat:

To the south and east of Eddy:
6 Hooligan Delinquents

Near Sanctuary, in the farm lands:
18 Unruly Warriors
10 Unruly Mages
10 Unruly Elites

Both instances are easy, however when fighting the Bixies make sure you have extra health potions, this instance includes a boss battle, and you will need to do it twice to get enough kills to complete the quest. To make your life easier, use orbs to Stun or Sleep the Bixie boss Drone Fauz so you can get range on him and pummel him with arrows. You will need a lot of health potions to survive these fights.

Return to Eddie with the quest completed. You should now be around level 3! He will continue to give you the same quest over and over (he apparently hates Hooligans and is an Entomophobic.) Alternatively, you can do any fighting quest in Free Realms to level yourself up!

Once you hit level 5, return to Hilforn to continue the quest line.

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