Mandie the Beloved's

Guide to Emote Traits and Titles in Lord of the Rings Online

If you’re anything like me, you open your Deed Log and see all the lists of mobs you’re supposed to be killing to boost your virtues and traits… but there’s so many… and it’s so boring. Did you know there’s a whole extra set of deeds that don’t even show up in the log?

Emote Deeds!

Many of the emotes that you can perform have an associated deed/trait that can result in either an extra emote or a title on completion - these are all hidden until you complete them.

Each emote that is performed by someone (with you targeted) counts towards your deed but there is usually a maximum number of increments per day. The table below lists each emote, the result, the number of times it must be performed, and the possible increments.

The extra emotes work the same way as regular ones (they just attract more attention!). Here are some examples of the ones I have so far:

The Ce Na Meldir Guide to Emote Trait Completion
in Lord of the Rings Online

Ce Na Meldir is an oceanic Kinship on Elendilmir server. We set up regular meets to work on our emote traits, as we’ve discovered some people don’t appreciate emote spam!

Each person sets up shortcut bars and we meet somewhere secluded (the cat house in Bree is our odd enclosed place of choice).

Once we’re all there let the spamming begin! And as a side note it’s interesting just how many people you can fit in that cat house in Bree…

How to set up shortcut bars:

Go to your options menu and select ‘Quickslots’ and put a tick in the boxes for ‘always show bar 4’ and the same for 5. This will bring up two shortcut bars that you can move around (hold Ctrl and press ‘\’).

Now we just need to type in shortcuts to each of the buttons on the bars. These buttons are all numbered and the ones we’re going to put in relate to 49-60 and 61-72.

So all you need to do is type in the following:

/shortcut 49 /bow
/shortcut 50 /cheer
/shortcut 51 /laugh
/shortcut 52 /salute
/shortcut 53 /flirt
/shortcut 54 /confused
/shortcut 55 /kiss
/shortcut 56 /bored
/shortcut 57 /beg
/shortcut 58 /thank
/shortcut 59 /angry
/shortcut 60 /rude
/shortcut 61 /cower
/shortcut 62 /scold
/shortcut 63 /mock
/shortcut 64 /surrender

Then simply target someone and hit each button five times, after 20 separate occasions of doing this they’ll have every extra emote and title in the game (until they bring back the long awaited /hug emote).

Happy emoting!

Mandie the Dull
Ce Na Meldir
Elendilmir Server