Lord of the Rings User Item and Quest Entry

Please Read:

Thank you for your interest in entering quests and writing items for Lord of the Rings Online.

All Quests and Items entered require approval and are initially entered unapproved. Approval can be done by any of the staff, but is primarily done by Wren. Once your quest is approved, it will be displayed with all the others and your forum login name will be credited with it (assuming it did not need a full rewrite). Please do not copy and paste from other sites, that is just rude.

I suggest you look over the forms first and jot down or print out what fields are involved. It is easy to forget a detail such as quest level or quest starter and it helps to have a checklist.

One of our goals at TheBrasse.com is to reward our more prolific authors with exclusive goods, either virtual or physical. With us being in our infancy, this is a wish and not a guarantee or a promise at this stage. Just be aware that we do understand and appreciate the content, and we do track publicly who enters each item on their pages along with a tally of total items entered.

Here are some pointers that might help when writing these. If you have technical problems like the form blowing up or smoking or otherwise misbehaving, please contact our IT troll Brakk at brakk@thebrasse.com. If you would like pointers on quest writing, please contact Wren with a Private Message on the forums.

  • If you are writing up a quest that has item rewards, you must enter the ITEMS FIRST. This allows you to select them from the item rewards list on the Quest form.
  • If you are writing up a quest that has a series of separate quests linked together where one is the pre-requisite for the next, these quests must be entered in order so that the previous quest in the series can be selected from the appropriate list in the Quest Form.
  • Regions and Subzones. For the purposes of LOTRO, Regions encompass the larger areas like 'The Shire', 'Bree', 'Erud Luin', 'Thorin's Gate'. Subzones are the names that appear underneath the minimap (Radar) in the corner of the screen. Places like 'Hobbiton/Bywater', 'Tuckborough', etc... This is something that is useful to write down as you do different steps so they can be stored as 'additional zones'.
  • Screenshots can be very helpful for this, especially with item entry. You can hover over each item and just take a screenshot. Add the screenshot number that displays in your chat to your notes for easy reference later on.
ITEM Entry Form: Requires valid forum username and password.
QUEST Entry Form: Requires valid forum username and password.