Fear of Collapse

General Quest

Selur (or Orodlin) is concerned about the damage that the cave-claws may be doing to the caverns with their incessant digging. Everyone knows you don't over-mine a cavern, but the cave-claws are not particularly smart... kind of like Dourhands.

1. Defeat cave-claws (6)

Selir (or Orodlin) specifically sends you to Rockbelly Pit (just off Wintgerheight, near Edhelion), but in truth, any 6 cave-claws of any type, level or location will do.
It is easy to finish this quest while working on other tasks in the areas of Winterheight, Rockbelly Pit, Silver Deep and Silver Deep Mine.

2. Return to Selir (or Orodlin).

Special thanks go out to Brasse for providing this quest writeup!
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