General Quest

Mathi spends a lot of his time warning people about the great Aurochs, named "Frostmantle". He'll tell any passer-by to beware the irate bull.

However, he would also like to be rid of the menace, and that is where YOU come in. Oh, by the way, you may as well pick up the quest, "Stocking the Larder" from Bogi the grocer, who is only a few yards away from Mathi, in Frerin's Court. You can easily collect the aurochs meat he seeks while waiting on Frostmantle to appear.

1. Collect Frostmantle's Horn

Frostmantle spawns very frequently, and always near a pillar (15.2s, 104.7w) in the flat plain below Axe-head Path, above the frozen river.

Sounds so easy now, doesn't it? First of all, I do not recommend soloing Frostmantle at level 4 unless you are a Guardian or Champion (and know what you are doing), if you want to live to get "the Wary" title at level 5. I have successfuly soloed him with a Loremaster at level 5.

While the regular Aurochs are not aggressive, Frostmantle most certainly is, so do not fight too near the pillar, lest he take you when you are unawares.

There is almost always someone near his spawn point, so you may wish to ask them to form a fellowship, at least for the one battle. Both people will get the update by looting the corpse, regardless of who's "loot turn" it is.

Once you manage to take him down...

2. Return to Mathi

This IS the easy part... collect your reward!

Special thanks go out to Brasse for providing this quest writeup!
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