Stocking the Larder

General Quest

Bogi hires you on to collect meat from the local Aurochs population.
These large bovines are not aggressive (until you start poking holes in them, of course), and are pretty easy to kill.

1. Collect aurochs meat (6)

The majority of the Aurochs are found on the flat plain that lies to the northeast, between the frozen river and Axe-head Path.
There is a pillar in the midlde of that area where the aggressive bull Aurochs, Frostmantle, spawns, so you may as well take Mathi Stouthand's quest "Frostmantle", while you're at it. Mathi is near Bogi in Frerin's Court.

Kill the mild-mannered Aurochs to collect your meat, keeping an eye out for Goblin Prowlers and grumpy ol' Frostmantle, so that they do not take you unawares.

2. Return to Bogi
Bogi gives you some rather nice jerky, and offers you a choice of shoes.

Special thanks go out to Brasse for providing this quest writeup!
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