Deadly Bloom, A

General Quest

Erynwen, an Elven woman, stands just to the Northwest of Frerin's Court. She is impossible to miss if you are heading to Axe-head Path or surrounding area for any other quests. This quest is very good to do at the same time as "Goblins in the Crags", to save you having to fight your way up the path twice.

Erynwen advises that a noxious plant called "Skorgrim's Bloom" is beginning to spread from the Goblin cave (Mirkstone Tunnels) in the northwest, and that it will poison many creatures that graze in the area unless it is removed. She asks you to help halt its spread.

1. Destroy Skorgrim's Bloom Plants (6)

These plants are very easy to spot on the way up the path, for they glow under your cursor. Look for the bright red blooms, which really stand out against the snow.

You must face the plant to harvest it, and it may be wise to clear out any nearby Goblins, lest they interrupt you... and they WILL.

I strongly advise skirting the outside of the Goblin camps on your way up the hill, such that you do not draw every single one to attack you at the same time, hehe.

2. Return to Erynwen

Collect your reward!

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