INTRO: Skorgrim's Tomb

General Quest

This is the final step in the Thorin's Gate prequel story, and follows up on "Goblins in the Crags", wherein Dwalin is now convinced that the Duergar are involved with the Goblins, and in league with a mysterious man who himself has ties to Angmar.

Dwalin thinks he knows where the Tomb of Skorgrim is located, and he needs your help to stop the dark plans afoot!

1. Speak to Dwalin

"Are you ready to travel to the tomb?" asks Dwalin.

It is important to note that if you enter the instance and complete this quest, you CANNOT go back to the prequel zones, and all your unfinished quests for that area will disappear.
Please make sure that you have done all that you wish to before speaking to Dwalin a second time.

You may complete this step alone or in a fellowship; both are equally viable, though if you are under level 5, you may wish to consider the fellowship option.

2. Speak to Dwalin (inside the instance)

At various stages in this adventure, you will need to speak to the old Dwarf in order to initiate the next step. This means that you don't have to put your life on hold while you complete the quest in one long run.

You learn that Durin's Folk prepare to drive all Dourhands out of Thorin's Hall, Dwalin is preparing to stop a darker threat.

He senses evil in the tomb, and suggests you keep your wits sharp. He is also looking for Elrohir, who has gone ahead, as you might remember from your conversation with him in the Mirkstone Tunnels.

3. Defend Dwalin

Self Explanatory - you will be attacked many times on your way through this underground complex. I found it best to attack the same creature Dwalin chose, to kill it faster, then switch to another target.

You will run into the infamous Gormr Dourhand several times (in conjunction with cinematic sequences), in cahoots with his Golbin and Dourhand allies. Enjoy showing them your might.

Dwalin fights well, but tires easily, being a very old Dwarf indeed, and well past his prime. Listen to his comments as he rests.

There is no need to worry about finding your way through the tomb - just follow Dwalin and be prepared to fight at any time!

Dwalin tries to convince Gormr of the folly of his plans, but the Dourhand is in no mood to listen. There is a sequence where a Goblin sets a hall afore with burning oil, and Dwalin sends you to the back of the passage to fetch a bucket of water. Approach the tub of fetid water and "use" it by right clicking, to fill a bucket. Walk back with all haste to the flames, and you will automatically spread the water over the flames, dousing them.

Dwalin surmises that the Dourhands began building the tomb not long after Thorin and his party left for the Lonely Mountain. He is not surprised that they have not finished yet, as "the Dourhands were always such slow builders!"

At your next meeting with Gormr, he becomes enraged when Dwalin calls him a fool, and attacks himself, instead of leaving you to his henchmen. This is your big chance to rid Middle Earth of a minor, but potent evil.

After the death of Gormr, Dwalin is exhausted, and must rest. He expresses his hope that you are in time to stop the foul ceremony that Gormr spoke of and wonders if Elrohir is the Elf that they captured. He fears the start of a war if the Elf is harmed.

3. Defend Dwalin

When you are ready for the final encounters, speak to Dwalin again. He will heft his great axe to break down the door that blocks you from the hall, and will lead you in at a good clip... prepare to take on some Dourhand fighters at the foot of the stairs. Fight well, and pray, for you will not have time to recover from your wounds before you must rush up the stairs behind Dwalin to confront the masterminds behind the plot.

Behold the resurrected Skorgrim, a terrible sight indeed, soundless and unflinching. At his side are Ivar the Blood-hand, a Goblin Chieftain, and Marrec, an ally of Angmar.
Ivar flees the scene with Skorgrim in tow, leaving Marrec and the powerful Goblin to kill Dwalin and yourself.

This is not an easy fight when solo. I just managed it with a level 5 Loremaster (had less trouble with my Guardian), almost losing Dwalin in the process.

4. Speak to Elrohir

The noble elf offers his thanks for your rescue efforts, and speaks a while about the creature Ivar, recognizing that he and Skorgrim are beyond your reach now. He feels that "Darkness is gathering in the East, but we
still have a little time before it is upon us."

5. Speak to Dwalin

This will complete your quest and take you out of the dark halls of the Tomb of Skorgrim. Click on "Travel Now" to leave.

Special thanks go out to Brasse for providing this quest writeup!
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