Starting Region: Shire, The
Starting SubZone: Little Delving
Quest Starter: Bounder (31.8s, 76.7w)
Quest Level: 8
Involved Zones: Bree-land
 •Bree-town Hall
Cash 42cp
Experience 372xp at level 14

Brockenborings to Bree-Town

General Quest

Bounder suggests that if you are bored of life in the Shire, to investigate Bree-town.


1) Head to Bree-town to talk to Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch. Bounder gives these directions: "Head east along the road and you'll reach the gates of Bree before you know it" A safe way is to take the Brandywine bridge and then stay on the road to get to Bree, in the center of Bree-land. Once in Bree (assuming you arrived via the west gate), follow the road east to a dead end, and then follow it south. Keep going south through Trader's Gate, and the Bree Town Hall will be on your right (31.1s, 51.2w). Find the Mayor downstairs; he tells you to speak with him when you are ready for work.

2) After you speak with him and select "Finish Now", you get your coin reward, XP, and you will now be able to take the next quest, Haunted Alley (though note that doing this quest is not a prerequisite for Haunted Alley).

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