Quarry in Scary, The

Epic - Prologue Hobbit Quest

Wilcome wants you to retrieve Golfimbul's skull from a cave at the bottom of the quarry. You will most likely want to bring a friend or three, depending on your level.


1) Collect the Chipped Skull. Go to the eastern end of town, where you will find the Quarry (28s, 66.1w). Take the pathway that leads to the bottom of the quarry, and zone into the Scary Quarry. Follow the path until you come to a fork. At the fork, turn right, to the north. You will go down some rough hewn steps. At the bottom, after fighting another Greenfields Queen (there are several in this area), you will see the "chipped skull" resting atop a stone. Double-click it to pick it up.

2) Bring chipped skull to Wilcome Tunnelly, back in Scary. To get out of the cave, double-click the ladder. Wilcome notes that the skull is missing a tooth, and suspects it is Golfimbul's skull. He wants you to take it to Brombard Foxtail.

3) Bring Golfimbul's skull to Brombard Foxtail, at the Mathom-house in Michel Delving. Michel Delving is far southwest of Scary, and the Mathom-house is on a hill (33.4s, 75.6w).

4) After you speak with him and select "Finish Now", you get your coin reward, XP, 3 Lesser Celebrant Salves, and Foxtail Gloves or Foxtail Shoulder Guards, and you will now be able to take the next quest, Bullroarer's Club.

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