Starting Region: Archet
Starting SubZone: Archet
Quest Starter: Atli Spider-Bane
Quest Level: 6
Involved Zones: Archet
 •Sprigley's Farm
Cash 90c
Experience 279xp

Linked quests in the series:
Threat from Spiders
Finding Reason

Threat from Spiders

General Quest

This quest starts with Atli Spider-Bane in northern Archet. He has been wounded in the battle for Archet and is not able to pursue his spider banishing hobby for the moment. Guess who gets to go on spider patrol? If you inserted your name here, you are a winner!

Speak to Cal-Sprigley
Cal is just next to Atli. Spin around. His farm has been attacked by spiders, and he wants you to go there and gather some basic necessities that he had to leave behind when they fled.

Head to Sprigley's Farm
Sprigley's Farm is south Archet, and is well labeled on the map. When you arrive at the farm, there will a lot of level 4-6 spiders there, but not too many that you will get more than 1-2 on you at once if you proceed with caution.

The strongbox is straight ahead if you are entering the farm from the opening in the fence at its north. When looking at the strongbox, the bow you need is on the farmhand who is lying dead just to your right.

The last item you need is in the northwest part of the farm.

You might notice that the cellar doors here are highlightable and are are an entrance to another zone. The spiders are much harder and more plentiful in there so unless you are level 8+ I would not head in there yet. You will be heading back in the next part of this quest anyway, so you might as well complete this part of the quest series first.

When you have collected all the items, return to Cal.

Special thanks go out to Alluvian for providing this quest writeup!
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