Starting Region: Archet
Starting SubZone: Archet
Quest Starter: Cal Sprigley
Quest Level: 7
Involved Zones: Archet
 •Archet East Gate
 •Sprigley's Cellar
Cash 90c
Experience 316xp at l

Linked quests in the series:
Threat from Spiders
Finding Reason

Finding Reason

General Quest

Cal Sprigley starts this quest and immediately sends you to Atli Spider-Bane.

Atli is concerned about his cousin Bali who he sent to Archet East Gate to check on the status of a cave barrier that was recently erected. He thinks it might have something to do with Cal's spider issue.

Archet east gate can only be reached by going south out of Archet and then running around the mountain to the east.

Finding Bali
When you arrive at the East Gate area, you will see that it is overrun with spiders, but only the Ambushers will attack you. Bali is just on the other side of the first crumbling wall you see when you enter this area.

He is unfortunately already dead.

His journal reveals that he was studying the caves when he died, but many pages are missing from the journal. You get to head into the cave and find them.

Find the missing Journal Pages 5/5
Upon entering the cave, you should note that it is actually Cal's Cellar. So you can enter it from here or from Cal Sprigley's farm to the south.

The 5 missing pages are inside this zone and are hidden inside cocoons spread throughout the dungeon and listed on this map.

Unless you have brought some friends or done some leveling up the spider protectors can be difficult.

The spiders are levels 7-8 and will often attack in groups of 2-3. I had troubles with this at level 7 solo. When I came back at level 10 after helping some friends I breezed through it.

Return to Atli Spider-Bane when you have found all the pages.

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