General Quest

Talk to Atli Spider-Bane

Atli is none-too-happy about his cousin being dead, and he figures that a Spider Queen from the Blue Mountains is behind this influx of spiders. He even knows her name: Iornaith.

Defeat Iornaith

Iornaith can be found on this map of Sprigley's Cellar:

She is a level 9 elite with two level 7-9 spider guards. The guards are not directly linked to her, but there is no way to kill them without upsetting her.

If there are other people fighting in this room you can get the spawn to be staggered so that you can sometimes fight her alone if you are quick enough.

If you are level 10, it is possible, but difficult to solo this fight. I did it once before I had the quest and then failed twice after that with a level 10 Captain. It all boiled down to how much power I had left at the end of the fight. If you are level 8-10, I would bring a friend or group with somebody else in the cave on this step. She respawns very frequently so I found that often people would be willing to stick around and help out others after they got her.

When done, return to Atli for your choice of reward. This is the end of this quest string.

Special thanks go out to Alluvian for providing this quest writeup!
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