Starting Region: Archet
Starting SubZone: Archet
Quest Starter: Builder Earur
Quest Level: 7
Involved Zones: Bree-land
 •Combe Lumber Camp
Experience 226xp at l

Linked quests in the series:
Builder Earur
Message to Taylor Green

Message to Taylor Green

General Quest

This quests carries on from the quest Builder Earur and also starts with Builder Earur in Archet town.

Now that Builder Earur has his tools, he will need wood. He needs another order of wood from Taylor Green at the Combe Lumber Yard.

Find Taylor Green

Heading south from Archet, through the Combe gate will get you to Combe, but you want to be at the Lumber Yard. The lumber yard is east out of Combe, the road will take you to Constable Wren, bear left at this fork, heading northeast. You will know when you find it. There is a depression in the landscape and a lot of cut down trees.

The quest ends with Taylor Green and some experience. This quest seems to just be there to point you towards Combe and the lumber yard that each have a lot of new quests for the player running out of things to do in Archet.

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