Thornley's Farm

General Quest

Rose tells you that some "brigands have moved into the next farm over to the South, Dogwood's old place." She is worried they will steal from her farm soon. Note: This quest is rated at level 14, but the mobs you must kill are level 10-11, and you should be able to do it solo earlier than 14.


1) Defeat 8 brigands around Dogwood's farm. To get to the farm, get back on the road heading south. Before long you will see a wooden bridge on the right (facing west). Cross that, and you're in Dogwood's farm (27.5s, 53.6w). You will find plenty of brigands in the fields and surrounding farm.

2) Talk to Rose Thornley.

3) After you speak with her and select "Finish Now", you get your coin reward, XP, and Thornley's Bow.

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