Starting Region: Shire, The
Starting SubZone: Hobbiton-Bywater
Quest Starter: Holly Hornblower (31.2s, 71.1w)
Quest Level: 6
Involved Zones: Shire, The
 •Party Tree, The
Cash 90cp
Experience 168

Linked quests in the series:
Pie for the Green Dragon
Lobella's Pie

Lobella's Pie

General Quest

Holly does not much like Lobella, so has put off her pie delivery. She wants you to take a pie to Opal, Lobella's party helper.


1) Double-click the pie on the table behind Holly Hornblower to pick it up. Your timer will then begin.

2) Head north to the Party Tree as fast as you can, avoiding 'hungry hobbits' along the way, or else your quest will fail. The Party Tree is north of Hobbiton and south of Bag End. You will see a road to the west, turn there to get to the Party Tree . You can find Opal near the long table and oven in the Party Field area (29.6s, 71.6w).

3) Once you get within range of Opal, your quest will automatically update with you delivering Opal her pie. She says it tastes foul.

4) Talk to Holly Hornblower.

5) After you speak with her and select "Finish Now", you get your coin reward and XP.

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