Starting Region: Shire, The
Starting SubZone: Bywater
Quest Starter: Postman Cotton (31.7s, 69.5w)
Quest Level: 9
Involved Zones: Shire, The
Experience 336

Inspire Postman Oddfoot

General Quest

Postman Cotton wants you to tell Postman Oddfoot about how the mail system's speed is being improved.


1) Talk to Postman Oddfoot. Take the east road out of Bywater, this will lead you right to Frogmorton. Postman Oddfoot is one of the first NPCs you'll come across (32.1s, 68.2w).

2) After you speak with him and select "Finish Now", you get XP and you will now be able to take her next quest, Bundle for Woodhall.

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