Fate of the Black Rider

General Quest

Veronica, Odovacar's dog, will lead you to the "Black Rider".


1) Follow Veronica to the "Black Rider". When you are ready to follow the dog, talk to her. She takes you to the home of another hobbit in town, Greta Fallohide (31.1s, 65.9w).

2) Show the black cloak to Greta. She says she sewed the cloak for her nephew, Fogo, who is "likely at The Golden Perch in Stock, cadging drinks."

3) Talk to Fogo Fallohide, at the Golden Perch in Stock, which is southeast of town. Look for the large sign with the fish (32s, 63.8w). Fogo admits to pretending the Black Rider, but says "The Chief" paid him to do it.

4) Talk to Odovacar Bolger.

5) After you speak with him and select "Finish Now", you get your coin reward, XP, and Bolger's Leggings or Bolger's Robe.

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