Starting Region: Shire, The
Starting SubZone: Budgeford
Quest Starter: Wilimar Bolger (30.9, 65.8w)
Quest Level: 10
Involved Zones: Shire, The
Cash 90cp
Experience 473xp at level 13

Linked quests in the series:
Veiled Menace, The
Few Pages Short, A
Menace Confronted, The
Bandages for Callum

Few Pages Short, A

General Quest

Wilimar wants to recover some of the journal pages. Rather, he wants YOU to get them.


1) Collect 3 journal leaves from the bodies of wolves east of Budgeford (30.8s, 64.4w). The leaves do not always drop, but they do drop often.

2) Return to Wilimar Bolger.

3) After you speak with him and select "Finish Now", you get your coin reward, XP, and you will now be able to take his next quest, The Menace Confronted.

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