Reconnecting Ties

General Quest

Maida Woodwright is in central Combe just south of the Milestone.

She had a fight with her son when they fled the fighting in Archet, and she has not seen him since. She wants you to track him down.

Speak to Constable Wren

Wren is just east of town on the road exiting Combe to the northeast. Wren says that Covell has joined with the Blackwolds and can now be found in their HQ in Chetwood North.

Talk to Covell Woodwright

To find Covell, head down the road northeast from Constable Wren, and through the Combe Logging Camp. In the woods, stick to the road. It will take you past two campfires, keep the campfires to your right as you take the left fork at them.

A little further down the road you will see what looks like the start of some ruins on your left. This is the Blackwold HQ. Just past the first entrance to the ruins, there is a large tree just east of the road. Covell Woodwright stands at this tree. If you don't see him yet, wait around for him. He respawns every 10 minutes or so inside the HQ and then walks to this tree.

Once you find him, talk to him. You will find he is not very happy being found and will attack you. He is not a very challenging fight and will run off when defeated.

Return to Constable Wren

Wren asks you to return to Maida with the news

Return to Maida Woodwright

Maida is distraught over the news, but you still get your xp and a choice of 5 Lesser Celebrant Salves or 5 Lesser Essence of Athelas.

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