Starting Region: Bree-land
Starting SubZone: Combe
Quest Starter: Constable Sageford
Quest Level: 6
Involved Zones: Bree-land
 •Chetwood North
Cash 90c
Experience 168xp @ 11

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Unpaid Debts

General Quest

Constable Sageford can be found in central Combe, east of the Milestone.

A lockbox was seen stolen from Archet, and Sageford wants you to recover it.

Collect the Blackwold Lockbox

Head east out of town, branching northwest down the road at Constable Wren. Go through the Combe Lumber Camp and stay on the road.

Down the road a ways and after a few twists and turns you will see a campfire to the right of the road. From this campfire, a second campfire can be seen further down the road. This second campfire has the lockbox you seek. It is pretty visible as it is glowing if you have this quest.

'Use' the lockbox and return to Sageford for your reward and the next part of the quest.

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