Starting Region: Bree-land
Starting SubZone: Combe
Quest Starter: Ted Pickthorn
Quest Level: 5
Involved Zones: Bree-land
 •Stump Field
Experience 126xp @ 10

Linked quests in the series:
Beneath the Hanging Tree
Logger's Ledger
Pickthorne's Treasure

Beneath the Hanging Tree

General Quest

Ted Pickthorn is at his house on the road just east of the milestone in Combe.

He wants you to find a fortune that his father buried for him. It is buried beneath a tree hanging over the river.

Find the Hanging Tree

Follow the road east to Constable Wren and take the right fork. This fork will head up a hill to a house being built. From this house, head southeast and you will see a stumpfield. Looks like the tree has been cut down. Head into the stumpfield and 'use' the three glowing stumps.

No treasure...

Return to Ted Pickthorn

Time to head back it looks like, maybe Ted has a better plan.

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